• Coffee With Coach Lora


    Clear Your

    Money Clutter

    (We all have it)

    To Make Way For Increased Profitability & Peace

    October 18th , 8-10:30am

    Rogersville, MO


  • Coffee With Coach Lora is a monthly series to benefit organizations that use horses to help Veterans and their families



    Great coffee and muffins

    Equine Assisted Business Coaching

    Business education you can put to use now

    $15 Reserves Your Seat

    Join us for this live event in Rogersville, MO

  • On the agenda:

    • Uncover blind spots likely causing a plateau in revenue
    • Pinpoint hidden money leaks
    • Understand what makes you tick when it comes to money
    • Tips to set up your money environments for growth acceleration!
    • Experience the power of Equine Assisted Business Coaching

  • Coffee with Coach Lora - Blogging Along

    A business educational series designed to put business leaders in the driver's seat while helping Veterans and Families

    There are four key categories that any business must focus Growth Accelerators into - and one of those key categories is revenue, time, and energy. Taking leadership in these dynamics can be game changing. Leadership is about causing movement in the people and dynamics (like time, money, and...
    We are quick to de-clutter the closet or some other room in the house, but don't stop to think about de-cluttering other aspects of life. It is easy to clutter up life with busy-ness, paper, email, obligations, unresolved issues, people, money stuff, and the list goes on and on. Perhaps you look...
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    Get in the driver's seat with life and career while helping those in need.

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