• The New Year's Resolutions and Goals Have Been Set...

    Now, the decisions to meet those new goals are critical because you are wanting something different than last year.

    Get the secrets to simple decision making in your role of leadership so that you keep moving powerfully toward what you want in 2019 with ease instead of getting hung up and falling short.

    $15 RESERVE YOUR SEAT - ALL MONEY GOES TO help those impacted by the fires in California;

    It all takes place at 1457 Peck Hollow Rd, Rogersville, MO

  • We will be discussing:

    • Causes of roller coaster revenue ...and how to get off the ride!
    • Flat line revenue ... and how to jump start the heart of your business
    • Learn about some common money story antagonists  and how to deal with them
    • Uncover why leaders get stifled or overwhelmed in decision making
    • Get the template for POWERFUL DECISION MAKING
    • Open Q&A - bring any question for on the spot coaching
    • Discover Coach Lora's super power - Equine Assisted Business Coaching - and experience it for yourself  (no knowledge of horses necessary)
    • Enjoy great coffee
    • $15 Admission goes to support those impacted by the fires in California

  • Coffee with Coach Lora - Blogging Along

    A business educational series designed to put business leaders in the driver's seat while helping Veterans and Families

    We are quick to de-clutter the closet or some other room in the house, but don't stop to think about de-cluttering other aspects of life. It is easy to clutter up life with busy-ness, paper, email, obligations, unresolved issues, people, money stuff, and the list goes on and on. Perhaps you look...
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    Get in the driver's seat with life and career while helping those in need.

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