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Life Clutter...Calendar Clutter

by Lora Newman, M.S., LPC

We are quick to de-clutter the closet or some other room in the house, but don't stop to think about de-cluttering other aspects of life. It is easy to clutter up life with busy-ness, paper, email, obligations, unresolved issues, people, money stuff, and the list goes on and on.

Perhaps you look ahead with "someday" in mind when peace and fulfillment will return - why not now? Are you ready to make room for what you really want in life? What compels you to tolerate things and dynamics in life that you don't really want? Guilt? Obligation?

These are the things robbing you of your peace and joy.

Look at your calendar - how much is on there out of obligation? Who is competing for your time?

What is this costing you? Have you thought about the price you are paying?

Is it worth it?

Join me on November 2nd to make room for what you really want in life and career - because life's too short to clutter it up with unwanted stuff.

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